Bolstering Lean Healthcare EVS the Focus for Contec Professional at HIDA 2018 Expo

September 25, 2018

Bolstering Lean Healthcare EVS the Focus for Contec Professional at HIDA 2018 Expo

As patient population continues to outpace the capacities of modern healthcare, hospitals and other facilities keep looking for opportunities to streamline operations. At the 2018 HIDA Expo & Business Exchange in Chicago on September 25 – 27, Contec Professional will be showcasing its recent innovations in one of healthcare’s biggest areas for potential savings: environmental services.

Contec has almost 30 years developing cutting-edge products for the critical cleaning market. This expertise has led to many innovations, such as the Contec H.E.L.P. System. This simple acronym teaches EVS teams the optimal way to tackle cleaning patient rooms, treatment areas, waiting rooms, offices and more:

  • H = High

   Start cleaning from the top and let gravity help the process. This strategy also prevents having to reclean areas multiple times, since debris usually doesn’t work its way upwards. The Premira® II Microfiber High Duster Covers are ideal for reaching around ductwork, pipes, conduits, and other hard-to-reach ceiling area fixtures.

  • E = Everywhere

  The surfaces in between the ceiling and floor should be cleaned next. The Premira® II Microfiber Wipes and Hand Pads come in a variety of sizes to quickly clean soil-prone areas such as countertops and tabletops. However, they’re gentle enough to clean electronic screens without damage.

  • L = Low

Floors and walkways comprise the lowest cleaning zone. They’re often the dirtiest – and largest – surfaces to clean in a healthcare setting. To reduce the amount of time spent cleaning these heavy-duty areas, use the Premira® II Microfiber Floor Pads. They are designed to be disposable, and they offer cleaning results that can’t be achieved with reused, laundered mops.

  • P = Parts & Accessories

  Customizing cleaning tools to optimize their efficacy means each member of an EVS team can work to their potential. Contec Professional offers nonferrous handles, hygienic backer plates, and other parts and accessories that support excellent healthcare environmental services.

To learn more about how to implement the Contec H.E.L.P. System at your healthcare facility, please visit Contec Professional at Booth 502 at the upcoming HIDA Expo & Business Exchange or contact us