Contec Brings Its Confessional to AHE Exchange 2018

September 23, 2018

Contec Brings Its Confessional to AHE Exchange 2018

How often are your best efforts thwarted by faulty washing machines and dryers? What’s the worst thing you’ve witnessed at your healthcare facilities’ laundry? What impact do you think easier cleaning practices could have on your team’s morale? Contec Professional will be asking these hard-hitting questions and more at the AHE Exchange 2018 in Columbus, Ohio, on September 23 – 26. The annual conference hosted by the Association for the Healthcare Environment is attended by healthcare environment professionals from all types of facilities, and Contec Professional will be there to lend a hand – and an ear.   

“We’ve been actively listening to our customers for over 25 years, because solving their critical cleaning problems is what drives us,” explains Warwick Spencer, Business Manager for Contec Professional. “One of the biggest – and most common – problems we hear about is how traditional laundered mops just aren’t meeting the increasing demands placed on environmental services teams.”

Studies show repeated use and inadequate laundering of microfiber mops leave dirt and residue in the cloths that can neutralize disinfectants. On top of that, the countless steps required to correctly collect, contain, wash, sort, and re-use dirtied mops and rags create too much variability for consistent cleaning. If even one part of the laundering process is skipped, the results could be anything from slower performance times to poorer patient results. Contec’s Premira® single-use microfiber pads are designed to simplify cleaning by providing a brand new clean each time you change out the pad. They remove the common doubts that reused, laundered microfiber mop pads often bring up: is this mop really clean? Is it really working?

The interactive #ConfessToContec exhibit has been a big hit with conference attendees. EVS professionals will have the chance to vent – anonymously – their biggest frustrations from the frontlines of patient care and healthcare facility cleaning protocols.