Contec Made APIC 2018 Epic!

Contec Made APIC 2018 Epic!

Veni, Vidi, Vendidi! 

Thank you, Minneapolis! On behalf of the Contec Professional team, we had a wonderful time at the APIC conference, hosted by your beautiful city, June 12th – 15th.

It was our pleasure to interact with more than 100 infection prevention specialists from all over the world for three days. We’d especially like to thank the fifty of you who took our proprietary laundry survey and the dozen or so who anonymously shared their “confessions” of concerning practices in their facilities back home.

The survey results, published in our post-show press release validated the results from our April study, conducted in partnership with Infection Control Today. Overall, our key takeaways confirmed that there is work to do in raising awareness and fostering change within an oft times less-than-adequate laundry process across a broad range of healthcare facilities. Fewer than 10% of survey respondents (more than 90% of whom were I/Ps) had any familiarity with the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) standards. Meanwhile, fewer than 1/3 of those interviewed trusted their laundry process enough to wipe their coffee mug with a freshly laundered mopping pad or surface wiper and drink from it straight away.

Our theme was “Confess-to-Contec” and show attendees answered the call! And, 14 I/Ps allowed themselves to be anonymously filmed in our private confession booth, sharing their concerns and potential remedies for a broken laundry process. A sampling of what was shared can be seen on our site, where you can also leave your own “confession” and sign up for our forthcoming e-newsletter. We also posted by the minute show coverage on Twitter

Last but far from least, our resident microbiologist, Dr. Mark Weincek, had the opportunity to share a poster that was accepted by the APIC Board for presentation. The white paper study, entitled Effectiveness and Bioburden of Microfiber Mops was exceptionally well attended.

For more information on our white paper, our survey instrument, our "Confessions" campaign or just to get in touch with a sales representative, please reach out to us or call us at 1.864.606.2020 at your convenience.

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