Contec Takes Over APIC 2018

Contec Takes Over APIC 2018

Contec Professional is taking over the Twin Cities June 13th-15th for APIC 2018. This year’s Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology conference will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Contec is planning an APIC experience like no other - featuring a poster presentation by microbiologist Dr. Mark Wiencek, the company’s resident microbiologist, in addition to live product demonstrations, in-booth giveaways, an interactive confessional booth, and so much more!

At #APIC2018, the time has come to shed a light on the dirty secrets of the healthcare industry’s flawed and ineffective laundry process, one which all too often undermines the hard work I/Ps and EVS staff put into providing quality patient care. Contec is capturing and sharing true confessions from real workers in healthcare facilities who have witnessed the failures of laundry firsthand.  

Contec will highlight the long-held theory that hospital floors represent a potential risk of pathogen dissemination that has been underestimated for far too long. Despite well-meaning protocols, patient room floors are frequently contaminated with bacteria, which can be transmitted to high-tough objects, surfaces, and workers’ own hands. Studies show repeated use and inadequate laundering of microfiber mops and rags, leaves dirt and residue in the cloths that can neutralize disinfectants.

Contec will be on-site at APIC to share their unique solutions to the challenges healthcare facilities are facing today. It’s time for you to come clean…