Join Contec as We “Wipe Away” 2020!

January 5, 2021

Join Contec as We “Wipe Away” 2020!

As a top manufacturer of critical cleaning wipes for over 33 years, we know a little bit about getting rid of bad rubbish. Biofilm, pathogens, contaminants, and debris are just a few of the things that Contec® wipes and mop pads have helped clean up over the years.

2020, however, brought a slew of new challenges to when it came to cleaning. Some of these involved inventory shortages due to panic buying and disrupted supply chains. Other issues stemmed from the simple fact that no one had ever faced these things on such a huge scale before: virtual kindergarten, anyone? This year set new precedents in almost every single industry, not just in the U.S. but around the world.  

Because research and development are a way of life at Contec, we asked ourselves: what if Contec invented a (patented, of course) wipe that could “wipe away” the worst things about 2020? What are some of the top pain points that our magical wipe should eliminate?

We posed that question to our intrepid employees, and here are some of their answers. See if your top headaches, pet peeves and problems from 2020 made it on our list:

  • The toilet paper shortage (seriously, who is hoarding it all?)
  • “Could you please unmute yourself/You’re muted?” – “If I had a dollar for every time I heard that this year, I’d be a millionaire.”
  • Zoom meetings all day long – for kids AND grownups alike
  • Product allocations – “Having to limit who got what was incredibly difficult because we all knew how critical the need was for our products.”
  • "Pivot" – “I’d be fine if I never heard this word again, unless I’m watching Ross Geller move a sofa on Friends.”
  • “Because of COVID….” – “This phrase always meant something fun was being cancelled. I dreaded seeing it because I just knew it would be bad news.”
  • Working from home – Believe it or not, some of us actually missed the office!
  • Tik Tok – “My kids spent more time making and watching videos on this app than they did on their virtual schoolwork. SMH” 
  • Gaming – “Lockdown reminded me that I can’t play ‘Call of Duty’ until 4am like I did in my 20’s and still function at work the next day. Adulting is tough enough as it is.”
  • Masks and all things mask-related – All of us supported stopping the spread, even though it came with a bit of a learning curve: “I know that masks are so important for keeping me safe, but I didn’t realize how much I was reading lips until I couldn’t understand what anyone said to me anymore.” “When we first started wearing masks, I’d always forget it in the car or at the house and have to go back. Now I feel naked if I’m out in public without one.” “I’m saving a fortune in makeup since I have to wear a mask all day now!”
  • The quarantine 15 – “I need to social distance myself from my fridge. And my pantry. And Uber Eats.”
  • “These unprecedented/challenging times” – “Was it just me or did every commercial and email in 2020 seem to use this phrase?!”
  • Changing government mandates – “First everything closed down, then some places reopened, then they started curfews in some places again. I can’t keep up with what’s safe and what’s not.”
  • 6 feet apart and social distancing – Like wearing masks and washing our hands nonstop, we knew avoiding close contact with others was key in helping stop the spread of coronavirus. We might not have liked it, but we still did it. Can we get a virtual high 5?
  • “Can you take on new business right now?” – “Usually, I love this question because we’re all about helping new customers! Product allocations and everything else COVID messed up made me cringe every time someone asked me this a question this year.

It almost goes without saying, but the top thing we would wipe away would be the COVID-19 pandemic itself and thereby sparing the millions of people who succumbed to it. As we work to rebuild our communities, the heavy human toll this year had will always be remembered.

Our R&D team will need a little more time to create that wipe that can eliminate the worst of 2020. In the meantime, we are excited about the promise of a new year. News of FDA approvals for COVID-19 vaccines from multiple pharmaceutical companies certainly feels like the light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of what happens in 2021, we are sure this: at Contec, we are always working to provide you with the best wipes, mops, and cleaning products to help you clean when clean counts most.

For more information about Contec and how we can work with you in 2021, please contact us.