What’s Your Contec Love Language?

February 14, 2019

What’s Your Contec Love Language?

In his bestseller The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman proposed that most people express their feelings of love in five distinct ways: Word of Affirmation, Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. By understanding your “love language” (and the language of your beloved), you can find more happiness and less conflict in your romantic relationships.

Here at Contec Professional, we think people might also have a Contec love language because cleaning the right way brings less stress, but the wrong way can cause problems. Take this short quiz and find out what your Contec love language is:

  1. There’s been a food fight in the cafeteria, and there’s food everywhere! Where do you start?
    1. Gotta mop up the milk off the floor before the principal slips and falls – again.
    2. The flat surfaces – once tables, counters, and walls are clean, it will start to look better
    3. How did they get spaghetti on the ceiling lights? What goes up, must come down first.
    4. Any area is a good place to start as long as the gymnasium is spotless.

  2. It’s Monday morning at the hospital, and chaos reigns supreme. You have exactly 2 minutes to squeeze in one more task. Which do you choose?
    1. A quick dry mopping of the floors will help prep the rooms for a good clean later
    2. Wiping off the bedrails and arms of the chair will help ensure a high touch area gets really clean.
    3. Dusty door frames and cobwebs in the ceiling corners are going down – literally.
    4. Lubricating and cleaning the physical rehab weight machines are an easy win.

  3. The store hasn’t had a slow minute since you got there. Between ringing up customers, turning on gas pumps, and making more coffee, you also need to do a quick routine clean. What area do you tackle first?
    1. With all the floor traffic, the floors look terrible, so those are getting cleaned first.
    2. Wiping off the counters in front of the cash registers and coffee makers makes the store shine.
    3. The light fixtures have been needing a good dusting, so they’re up first
    4. Ever since they installed stools near the coffee makers, disinfecting those seats is job one.

  4. You and team need to get 79 cubicles, 3 meeting rooms, and an overused kitchenette cleaned in record time. Where can you make the most impact?
    1. Get those luxury vinyl tile floors sparkling!
    2. When desktops, monitors, and conference tables are wiped clean, the whole office looks clean.
    3. Tall bookshelves, filing cabinets, and exposed beams get dirty fast, so clean them quick.
    4. The vinyl seats in the kitchenette look dingy fast if they’re not cleaned regularly.    

  5. How can one high school basketball team make such a mess of the locker room in one game? The first thing your reach for is:
    1. My mop to get all the celebratory sports drink off the floor.
    2. My wipes to clean the celebratory sports drink off the walls and counter.
    3. My duster to get the celebratory sports drink off the top of the lockers – how’d they do that?
    4. My equipment cleaner to make sure everything is in top shape for next week’s practice.

If you chose mostly A’s: THE PREMIRA TOUCH – When it comes to clean, you know that a strong foundation is critical for reducing dirt, germs, and other unpleasantness. That’s why the Premira Disposable Microfiber Floor Pad speaks to your heart. You can clean deeper and more efficiently because Premira doesn’t quat bind and lets the cleaning chemicals so what they’re designed to do. Unlike relaundered mops that never fully regain the same cleaning ability once washed, Premira gives you full-strength cleaning ability each time. 

If you chose mostly B’s: WIPES of AFFIRMATION – High touch surfaces are calling your name, and the ContecClean Cloth is how you’ll respond. Whether you’re swiping right or left, ContecClean Cloth gives excellence cleaning performance on counters, door knobs, electronic screens and more. Its unique design helps capture more dust and dirt, and it’s strong enough to be used with most common disinfectants on the market. ContecClean Cloth is available in multiple sizes and in perforated rolls or quarterfolded wipes. Happiness is just a wipe away.  

If you chose mostly C’s: HEARTING the HIGHDUSTER – You’re always dreaming big and aiming high, which is why the HighDuster has hooked your heart. Its flexible frame lets you clean hard-to-reach areas overhead. It can also bend to fit over door edges or around pipes. When paired with the disposable Premira Microfiber HighDuster Cover, the HighDuster helps to make sure you achieve a 360° clean.  

If you chose mostly D’s: ATHLETIX ADORATION –  Guide Rod Wipes, Equipment Cleaner Wipes, and Disinfectant Wipes are what gets your heart racing. Formulated to protect your investment, the Equipment Cleaner Wipes are alcohol and ammonia free. The Athletix Guide Rods is a one-step process to clean and protect guide rods. Everything designed and formulated to keep your athletic facility top notch.

No matter what product your heart chooses, just remember to choose Contec. Because this calls for a Professional.