Contec Professional Locks Out Supply Closet Chaos with Toolflex®

March 3, 2021

Contec Professional Locks Out Supply Closet Chaos with Toolflex® 

Spartanburg, SC – March 2021 – The days of mops and brooms tumbling from overstuffed supply closets will soon be a thing of the past if Contec Professional and Toolflex have their way. Contec Professional, the leading manufacturer of single use microfiber mops and wipes for the professional cleaning market, recently announced a partnership with Toolflex. The addition of the Swedish cleaning tool organization system to its existing portfolio demonstrates Contec’s ongoing commitment to solving the problems that hospital EVS departments, housekeepers, and maintenance staff face on a daily basis.  

“We are pleased to be working with another innovative leader in the professional cleaning market,” says Contec CEO Jack McBride. “Our single use Premira® microfiber products and ergonomic Zero Gravity™ hardware are designed to deliver exceptional performance, making them a great fit with the Toolflex system.” 

Christian Jacobson, Toolflex’ Global Business Unit Manager echoed this sentiment noting, “This collaboration leverages our combined strengths in bringing customer-inspired storage and cleaning solutions to the professional cleaning market across North America.”

The Toolflex One™ is a versatile, user-friendly storage and organizational system that helps increase worker efficiency while ensuring hygienic requirements are met. It is the result of years advanced production technology, Scandinavian design, and customer-inspired focus. Some of the features of the Toolflex One system include: 

  1. Fits Standard Handles of All Types, Sizes – From as small as 0.5” in diameter to 1.375” plus different shapes, the Toolflex One can hold most brooms, squeegees, brushes, mops, and other handled tools.
  2. NSF Certified, Hygienic Food Safe Design – Made with material compliant for FDA food-contact, the system can be cleaned in-place or removed for dishwasher or autoclave machine cleaning.
  3. 8 Color-Coded Options – Distinct colors for easy cleaning tool organization and identification help prevent cross-contamination, comply with HAACP, and meet 5S workplace requirements.
  4. Click 'N Go Holders – Easy to mount and quickly removed or adjusted, the holders optimize storage in tight spaces, and allow employees to remove tools or insert with just one hand.
  5. Installs Easily and Expandable – Just add more holders, hooks, or seamlessly connect more rails.

McBride added, “By combining our tools with the Toolflex One holding system, we’re offering our customers the flexibility to create a cleaning system that can be tailored to their needs. This partnership represents a win-win for our customers.”