Contec Wins 2021 NYX Marcom Gold Award

May 10, 2021

Contec Wins 2021 NYX Marcom Gold Award

After an intense judging period featuring 2163 entries from 33 countries, Contec is a Gold Winner in the 2021 NYX Awards. The Gold NYX Marcom award in the category of Content Marketing & Writing/Marketing Materials goes to the product life cycle assessment (LCA) project in collaboration with Ceros, a digital design platform. (

“We are honored to accept the International NYX Marcom Gold Award. At Contec, we are striving to be innovative in all aspects of our company, including our online presence. Our aim is to offer interactive experiences highlighting our passion for changing the way people engage with our content, particularly with groundbreaking studies as noted in our product life cycle assessment (LCA)."

- Jacob Chambers, Digital Marketing Coordinator (Contec)

The International NYX Marcom Awards program was open to all marketing communications professionals, whose fresh ideas and creative expertise impressed the jury panel. “All the amazing individuals, agencies, and companies who joined the NYX Awards this year prove that creativity never dies, even in these trying times”, said Kenjo Ong, CEO of the International Awards Associate (IAA). “This win by Contec, Inc. & Ceros is a testament to their unbridled talent!”

Grand Jury Panel

The winning entries are judged impartially by a group of esteemed marketing communications professionals. IAA selected a panel of international judges in the adjudication process, adhering to a strict code of excellence. The 2021 NYX Awards panel comprise 40 professionals of various disciplines from 22 countries, and from large and small agencies, embracing diversity from all corners of the world.

NYX Marcom entries were ranked via blind judging in accordance to the best industry standards. Entries are evaluated based on creative proficiency and the ideation of the final work. Winners will then be selected based on their ability to meet competition criteria.

Participation of International Brands

Garnering worldwide interest, the NYX Marcom Awards saw names of known organizations from all over the world in its list of entries. Some were submitted directly by the companies themselves, such as PUREBLINK, Parnaso, MarketReach, QNET, Members Trust Company, CRX Design whereas some were submitted by entrants who produced works for them, such as Dell Technologies, HTC Vive, World Wildlife Fund, Microsoft, Nike, to list a few.

“A NYX Awards win is a victory unlike any other,” Ong said. “They have achieved greatness with their ideas and approval from internationally acclaimed professionals, becoming a pillar of the industry in the process.”

“These exceptional individuals will inspire many for years to come. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for these class acts!”, Ong concluded.

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