Microbiologist with Contec Professional Clarifies Common Cleaning Myths for WSPA-TV Viewers

May 4, 2020

Microbiologist with Contec Professional Clarifies Common Cleaning Myths for WSPA-TV Viewers

Spartanburg, SC – If continuing, sporadically empty store shelves is any indication, consumers are still stocking up on disinfectants and cleaning chemicals in an effort to avoid falling ill to COVID-19. But whether or not one is able to find these products at their local “big box” stores, grocer or alternate retail outlets, the potentially dangerous chemicals must be used correctly. On Monday, May 4th, Dr. Mark Wiencek of Contec, Inc. is appearing on WSPA-TV’s morning news broadcast to help consumers better understand how to use common disinfectants and household cleaners safely.

“All chemical products are required to have proper labeling,” explains Dr. Wiencek, “even those used in our homes. It’s important to know what these labels tell us to make sure we’re using them correctly.” As the senior microbiologist at Contec, Inc., Dr. Wiencek helps lead the company’s efforts in finding new ways to reduce the presence of biofilm, bacteria, and other harmful elements in the working environment. These environments include hospitals, schools, gyms, and other areas where large numbers of people are interacting with a variety of equipment and surfaces hundreds of times each day.

Dr. Wiencek’s appearance on the Upstate South Carolina CBS affiliate, begins at 5:10 AM* on the 4th and continues throughout the morning broadcast. Specifically, he has been tapped to discuss the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, the correct way to use disinfectants and other chemicals, and additional topics related to proper cleaning during the current pandemic.

Matt Schiering, CMO for Contec, Inc., points out, “Helping to reduce cross-contamination and improve patient outcomes has always been a top priority for Contec Professional. We’ve been helping front-line healthcare professionals achieve such goals for years, and we’re excited to extend this knowledge to help people clean properly at home, too.”

*Broadcast schedule subject to change based on breaking news