The Importance of Infection Prevention and Control

August 9, 2019

The Importance of Infection Prevention and Control

No one would question the fact that infection control measures in acute care environments are important - but few likely ask “Why?” In a world full of harried doctors, nurses, and caretakers, as well as patients who are all too often in the dark about the importance of their role in preventing secondary infections, how do we help members of these critical groups to stop and think about Infection control?

At Contec, we design our cleaning and disinfecting products for the most critical healthcare environments to help prevent infections, including HAIs. Patients, regardless of the facility or the type of stay (a few hours in the ER or a prolonged stay in extended care) shouldn’t have to obsess over the possibility of contracting a common HAI like C. diff, E. coli, or MRSA. It can only help all parties to become familiar with, and arguably, responsible for their part in infection control measures.

According to the CDC, it is estimated that 1 in 20 patients will contract an HAI in healthcare facilities every single day. Other studies suggest the economic burden of HAIs reaches $35.7 billion a year. Imagine the costs associated with HAIS could be redirected to research. This is just 1 reason why Contec Professional continues to provide a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of cleaning for improved wellness in healthcare facilities.

An important yet overlooked factor in infection prevention is the floors on healthcare environments. Because floors are a large surface that is often overlooked, it is presumed that they contribute to HAI rates. Contec Professional has developed an innovation to address this issue: PREMIRA® Microfiber Mop Premira Pads help reduce cross-contamination. By moving away from relaundered mopping pads, patients are at a reduced risk from residual bacteria being spread room-to-room after inadequate laundering. Premira® pads help limit quat-binding, which allows disinfecting chemicals to do their job!

“Sporicidal disinfectants used to clean rooms and kill germs such as C. diff are not typically used on floors —but perhaps they should be.” 

- John Palmer, PSQH Magazine

This is because Premira microfiber mopping pads do not contain cellulosic material – and are only used once so, don’t neutralize cleaning and/or disinfectant actives. They release fluids evenly and promote consistent dwell times which are vital to true disinfecting.  Awareness is the precursor to education, and the more providers and patients know about the solutions which can help keep them healthier, the better!